1 January 2000 - 31 December 3000, Uzexpocentre NEC

Confidentiality Policy

Privacy Policy

Please read this Policy carefully! By reviewing this Privacy Policy and submitting your personal data on the website, you hereby agree to it.

1. Introduction

This Privacy Policy is an official document of the Foreign Enterprise Iteca Exhibitions LLC (hereinafter referred to as "Iteca Exhibitions") and applies to all information resources owned by Iteca Exhibitions: website, second-level sites in the domain, as well as the "ITECA Connect" Mobile Application).
The condition of this Policy applies to all the information that Iteca Exhibitions can receive about the user during his stay on the Iteca Exhibitions information resources and which can be correlated with this particular user.

2. Purpose of personal data processing

Iteca Exhibitions processes your personal data in order to provide you with services aimed at informing you about exhibitions and other events organized by Iteca Exhibitions, as well as their attendance.

3. Collection and use of Personal Data

Iteca Exhibitions gathers only those personal data that are necessary for registration at exhibitions and other exhibition events as a visitor or participant, and which you specify in the registration form or the Application Agreement for a specific event, including:
Full name;
E-mail address;
Contact phone number;
The name of the company you work for;
Position, profession, occupation:

Actions for processing personal data may include collection, recording, systematisation, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, modification), extraction, use, transfer, depersonalisation, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data, provided that such actions do not contradict the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and moral and ethical standards.

If you are a representative of the company, by entering your personal data into the Application Agreement, you also confirm your consent to the inclusion of your personal data in the register of subjects who have expressed a desire to receive information about Iteca Exhibitions and Iteca Exhibitions advertising, marketing, and exhibition events.

4. Disclosure of Personal Data

Iteca Exhibitions does not sell or disclose personal data about users to anyone.

Iteca Exhibitions has the right to transfer personal data about the user to third parties only if:
- you have agreed to disclose this information (including to exhibitors participating in Iteca Exhibitions events);
- without this, you cannot use the desired product or service;
- it is required by the current local or international legislation and/or authorities in compliance with the legal procedure;
- You are violating our User Agreement or the User Agreement of Iteca Exhibitions Partner Projects.

5. The ability to edit and delete Personal Data

Iteca Exhibitions provides users with the opportunity to clarify or revoke consent to the processing of their personal data at any time by sending an email to the company's email address, or by sending a request by mail to the address of the Iteca Exhibitions office.

6. Links to third-party websites

The Iteca Exhibitions websites contain links to third-party websites. These links are for reference purposes only, and Iteca Exhibitions assumes no responsibility for the personal data policies adopted on these sites.

7. Automatic data collection and processing on the website (Сookies)

Cookies are a small text file stored on the user's computer to save data on the user's end.
Iteca Exhibitions uses only session cookies, which are destroyed when you close your Internet browser.

8. HTML requests

Iteca Exhibitions processes information received as part of an HTML request (your computer accessing the site) solely for statistical purposes and for the purpose of improving the site's performance.

9. Changes to the information in the Privacy Policy

Iteca Exhibitions may make changes to the Privacy Policy. If significant changes occur, Iteca Exhibitions undertakes to inform its users about them.